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When considering Socially Conscious Investing; don't forget the substantive, creative work done by serious composers. You too can contribute, donate or commission a New Work enabling the birth of more Great Music.

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Richard Byron Strunk  b. 1957
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Please consider buying some of my CD albums; Real or Downloads! These are a great collection of piano pieces for quiet meditative listening in the evening; near a fireplace in the Fall; or in the background as a pleasant furnishing environment while one studies or reads or simply relaxes.. dont forget to buy a Music-wear Shirt or Mug Scored with my original works too. Your E-mail goes immediately to my Fan base on Reverbnation and only I can access it to let you know whats up once in a while. Plus, become a Fan and leave me comments at my Reverb Site to help me gain more recognition. Do this at my Reverb Site if you feel safer.

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